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Valorant Discontinued

As the previous contracts end on our players, we in mutual agreement with the players and coaching staff have decided not to pursue future roster plans. As an organization of our size, we still need to see where the games ecosystem is going before we start investing more time and resources in the game.

This being said, we are not renewing the contracts of Jussi “Skipah” Mehtälä, Ilari “Iluri” Puranen, and Santeri “Bonecold” Sassi. We wish them all the good in the future and want to thank them for their time and effort during the last half-year period representing the hREDS organization.

Valorant roster changes for 2021

First months of our Valorant path have been completed and it is time to reflect and start planning for 2021. A big effort was made to make the rosters start as smooth as possible and also the launch was delayed for few months cause of the global pandemic. Than being said, not everything went according to plan.

As of today, our roster will be shrunk to three players and we are letting Toni “Ube” Häkli and Sami “Haamu” Sutinen continue on their path and look for new opportunities. The decisions have been made mutually and we see it is better to give them a competitive edge on finding a new opportunity as soon as possible and dont want to delay it for a day longer.

The remaining players Ilari “Iluri” Puranen, Jussi “Skipah” Mehtälä and Santeri “Bonecold” Sassi will continue trying out new candidates for the roster starting this week.

We talked with team coach Samuli “Baito” Karppinen and his message was clear: “Even though we have had a lot of tight matches against great teams, our roster has not met the expectations we set together at the very start of the season. Individual consistency and confidence was something that we were missing in a lot of matches during our first months.”

Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen agrees and wants to emphasize that fast decisions need to be made at this stage of the games development as we believe that the more ready we are to tackle 2021 the better for the organizations success in the long run.

The roster took part in three tournaments during its first months, including clinching a qualified spot to Nice Cactus Fall #2 tournament, part-taking in Valorant First Strike qualifiers, and competing in the Finnish FEL Valorant Cup.

We will keep you posted on the progress of new players being introduced to the organization as the tryouts have completed.