Welcome to hREDS, LYNXI!

After Samu “Samppa” Kylmälä stepped down from the active roster, hREDS has been looking for a replacement to complement our new dynamic as Mikko “xartE” Välimaa will become the IGL. To properly do so, we needed to find a new AWP player that met the standards of the rest of the team. The market for such a Finnish player is small as people know, but we had not taken into consideration a man who just came back from his military duty in the Finnish army.

This is where Topi “LYNXI” Kauppi steps in. Ending his tenure in the Finnish defense forces just two days prior he started playing in the roster. At first as a stand-in so we would have the possibility to try and reach the ESEA Advanced playoffs. “My perspective on life has changed a bit now that the military training is done and I think something will also transmit to my playing career”, says Kauppi.

It became clear from the very get-go that Topi’s skills had not dulled and the rest of the team wanted to sign him straight then and there. “We are coming out of the pandemic and want to really step up our game. This is why I am happy LYNXI considered us first and we could sign him for the rest of 2021”, says Christer Kasurinen, the GM or hREDS organization.

“The roster has huge potential and especially now that xartE is getting back to the IGL role, combined with the young talent that is craving for his teachings, I think we will be able to accomplish something special here at the later stages of 2021″ Kauppi adds.